Smita Bellur is a versatile Indian classical vocalist who specializes in the field of Hindustani Classical Khayal and traditional Sufi music. She is also adept at other genres such as Ghazal/Thumri/Chaiti and other semi-classical varieties. She has done collaborative work with fusion bands, playback for movies, retro-hit film music shows.

Having sung (live in concert) at more than 350 venues ranging from Classical/Sufi music festivals to Corporate events, Fund raiser/Charity shows, harmony gatherings, she also performs at weddings and private HNI family functions/baithaks (chamber music).

Smita has 3 album releases to her credit: 'Kaisi Madhur Shyaam' – itunes/Amazon, 'Vachan Kirana' – Lahari Audio, and 'Shareefara Pada' – GIPA/Kalkur Audio. She is working on new musical productions and recordings of specialized Sufi music/Ragas.

She has won 3 awards for her contribution to the field of music - Rotary Vocational Excellence Award 2010, ‘Sangeeta Shri 2007’ and ‘Dr. Puttaraj Gawai Krupa Bhushana Prashasti’.

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